Anybody will ask a question;Why was Chiloba removed?

Anybody will ask a question;Why was Chiloba removed?....there is nobody with a convincing reason !even the infamous Chip-cut cannot expound!,then someone is confidently telling me that the team that h......

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Ah fuck the shying away

Ah fuck the shying away,why should I ?? if the said Yahweh had hormones problems,then I should stand tall on what I desire or dream of!!! Don't get it that he was sooo jealous of that chick who love......

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RELEASED CHIBOK GIRLS. My heart sank within me as I watched these girls, shriveled skins struggling to protect skeletons and sunken hollows of the collar bones. Eyes piercing through what seems to be......

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In the beginning

In the beginning,god created heaven and earth, In the meantime,the Egyptians were amazed how ,Nefetari, had brought to the house of pharaohs in to a bright future,The khoi khoi had just returned home......

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Thank God some people are saying it as it should be

Thank God some people are saying it as it should be. We give "because we are blessed not to be blessed" .The greatest blessing is the gift of life and redemption through the blood of Jesus. No one can......

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I agree with you Sir

I agree with you Sir. Let's do away with our bicameral legislature, presidential fleet, convoys, over bloated and unsustainable salaries by a few. As we speak some serving legislators who were once go......

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