GYPSY WAGON FOR SALE RV Recent revelatory new experiences invitations and miracles have made me realize why I have always felt out of place in my homeland

Recent revelatory new experiences, invitations and miracles have made me realize why I have always felt out of place in my homeland. I didn't understand with the same fullness I do today, why it was that I felt like an orphan, who could not find a place for herself amongst her own people, on the land of her own country.
Sure, I knew I disapproved of much that was normal in my culture and the subcultures nested inside it like dolls carved in Russia. And it disapproved of me too, and let me know. But this is different.
At the very core of who I am, is who I always am, whether I'm a human, a flower, a tree or a bird. And it (I) stand not in disagreement, but in direct opposition to the core values of much of our society.
Not what we SAY our values are, but what we live as our values, as a country. And the suffering it results in, both here and abroad. I come from a culture so violent, that even the ground is afraid for its life.
Every continent has blood in its soil, but the bad blood of old can be prayed back up to the sky, if you dance hard enough.
What cannot be, is what is happening right now, this moment. Every present moment.
I am leaving this land. I am going to go live somewhere that is more in alignment with my character, where the emphasis is on beauty, relationships, community and the enjoyment of life.
Before long, I will be issuing invitations to those who would like to join me there.
I want to say I am going to miss America. But I don't think it's true. I feel safer as an American in other countries than I do at not-home, in the place I was born.
I am going somewhere that I have more power to make a direct difference, to those in greater need. And the most beautiful thing about it all is that my own greater needs get met also, which is how it is supposed to be.
Because I'm going abroad, I will not be bringing my fab 2002 31' Gulf Stream gypsy wagon class A, RV. So any of you who have an interest in getting a tiny house and hitting the road, I have everything you need to start your RV lifestyle today.
I'm leaving it all behind, and bringing only my most personal affects, in exchange for a life in a place where the people respect the spirit world, and life is simpler, and more pleasureable.
But I had a blast, driving from paradise to paradise, experiencing luxuries I couldn't have had even a year ago. Speaking to trees that don't exist in the places I am from. Chanting the love back into the sea.
If you dream of this life you can have it. Just to give you an idea of the cost of the whole shebang, its in the $20K range. Which is a full 10,000 less than you can get anything comparable. I put thousands in accessories and repairs into it. It's in pretty great shape for its age. I drove this bad boy across the country and it didn't stall or break-down once. Not so much as a flat tire!
Currently in SoCal, about 40 minutes North of Sand Diego. Serious only, please. I'm all business about this. I am leaving. So if you want to come see it, be financed and ready if you like it. Negotiable but not desperate, so please no low ballers.
Get all the info I have on this rig at the link in comments.
UPDATE: Tow dolly has sold. Price reduced to reflect.
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