There has been such a bigness in this window between the 11:11 gateway, and the Super Moon in Taurus. I don't know about you, but the moon spoke to me all night, causing me to dip into dream conversations, awake, slip, awake, slip, awaken....
There are huge rumblings that roll under the concrete, breaking apart the sidewalks like tree roots taking back the town.
There are people running through the streets, tearing at their clothes, weeping.
Others, caught in such an animal terror that they dismember their own being with hateful action, and the reaching for the only thread of power they think they might pull, but chains do not unravel this way.
They thicken. They tighten. They bind us to natural consequences of self-betrayal. We are not made for war. To harm another human being with malicious intention or disregard for life is an act that must later be redeemed.
And until such time as this redemption becomes possible, which can take thousands of years, s/he who acts in hate carries within the anguish of not only the hatred itself, but what it has made. What it has taken. What it has stolen.
To steal a life is to take on the karma that you stopped from coming to natural completion. To steal thousands, millions of lives, is to become one of the most pitied souls in all the cosmos.
Mother Meera once said that we should never fear evil, because even in its most terrible forms, it is inherently stupid.
The mystics know that those who have been enacting these atrocities over many lifetimes think they have cleverly side-stepped their karma with the blood sacrifices of innocents that they make to their alien gods in exchange for matrix control, but it is all an illusion.
When the game is ended by the higher will of love, which is the law of nature and creation Herself, these souls will be left to answer to their ruthless and blood-thirsty gods, who will extract back the debt that has been incurred, by the borrowing of other souls' life-force by use of violence, coercion and oppression.
To act with malicious intent against life, is to become entangled in the creation of third-dimensional hell, and this karmic bondage is not easily undone. When you help create a realm, you are bound by its laws, by the suffering it causes. When you make a hell, it makes you back, and you lose your holy shine.
There is lunacy in our humanity. It is built into everything we have made: institutions, conventions, traditions, culture, government, medicine, business.
But let me tell you the secret that is no secret at all: because everything we make is drawn from the raw materials of the world, intelligent in its design, God-Us is in them too. Humans thought they could kidnap her, trap her like bone marrow in an unnatural machine, and force her to act against her own nature: life itself.
This is a terrible misperception and an astounding mistake.
The powers that are now losing their grip on the minds of the population, which is the beginning of its ending, have underestimated the intelligence of nature.
The world, always grows back. You, will always grow back. The intelligence at the core of your very being will always prevail. What is animal, dies. What is holy, remains.
*** *** *** *** *** ***
*Laws of Nature Card from The Wildness Deck by Alison Nappi.*
**This is not the text from The Wildness Deck Guidebook, but deeper reflections by its creator that have never been shared before.**
#wildnessdeck #alisonnappi #lawsofnature
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