The truth is you can t give what you dont have

The truth is you can't give what you dont have! As they say gabbage in gabbage out.. it doesn't make sense to want to reap where you didn't sow,you invest in her not only financially but emotionally and otherwise! Its not all about money.... how can a broken woman love or give? Love and trust her, as they say a player is always a player even if you cage her/him only God can deliver! So let her breath.. #humility is not a #weakness! Go out of your way and do those little things..forgive each other, women are naturally #patient #givers #persistent #determined and they take in so much! They sacrifice so much for their own even when some men do not do their duties their women cover them! But why? For how long? must you batter her to prove she is yours? Must you make her your sex object to prove she is yours and you paid a price to have her? Must you kill her emotions to overcome your feel of lesser since she is financially stable? No... she is all yours already! love her,spoil her,support her,be there for her, have a positive mindset and work out things with her for a better union... it takes the two of you to have a sweet union! You win when you fight as a team,Queen her! Treat her like the queen she is and you will enjoy the fruits.... remember money cannot buy love!
#keepmarriagesinprayer #keepwomeinprayer #giveitshallcomeback #loveher #queenherandshewillkingyou #relationshipgoals? #Godinthecentre

 2021-11-21   Admin

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